Month: January 2012

Why You Should Give The Tree of Life a Chance

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Film and Television

I, like any other, love a trashy movie. And by trashy, I just mean godawful. Contrived. Filled with beautiful people and dramatic one-liners. Though there are very few who would even question this about myself, let me lay aside any doubt for all by unveiling my¬† love for Gossip Girl. I’m not even really sure why, other than to observe a world I will never interact with and the off chance Ed Westwick will turn […]

Mollie, Meet Lighting.

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Okay, so there are two things I really dig right now: One is my childhood friend, Mollie and the other is alternative light sources. Mollie is the kid I grew up with and have basically been best friends since we met back in 1996. We both come from large families and both were into razor scooters, cargo pants, wire rim glasses, Lord of the Rings, techno music, being home schooled, you know, hip culture. I’ve […]