Month: February 2012

My Friday Night With A Lensbaby

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At the camera shop we’ve started doing Saturday morning workshops for people to check out different systems and camera accessories we stock. On Saturday we offered a workshop over the Lensbaby, which is fun lens to check out, if you are not familiar with it. Essentially, it works as a toy version of a tilt shift lens. The aperture adjusts  from side to side, instead of the depth of field, although that adjusts as well with small […]

Whip It Real Good

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I was cleaning my external hard drive a few weeks ago and realized many of my photo shoots take place on windy days. Wind + hair almost always = awesome. My hair is flat and fine and thus I’ve pretty much always worn it short. Looking through these pictures made me realize I have a thing for long hair. I love the tangled lines and character it gives a person’s face. So here is a […]

Film List 2011

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Almost every year my friend Levi and I swap our films year in reviews -usually that year’s top picks as well as older films that slipped past our radars that we saw for the first time that year. No explanations, just a list, plain and simple. I love making lists and I love film, so of course this is a high light of my year, but this is the first year I’m going public with […]