My Friday Night With A Lensbaby

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The Composer Pro Bundle

At the camera shop we’ve started doing Saturday morning workshops for people to check out different systems and camera accessories we stock. On Saturday we offered a workshop over the Lensbaby, which is fun lens to check out, if you are not familiar with it. Essentially, it works as a toy version of a tilt shift lens. The aperture adjusts  from side to side, instead of the depth of field, although that adjusts as well with small aperture rings that can be placed inside the lens. Anyway, it is a fun toy and allows for a lot of imperfections and happy accidents. There are four different fixed lenses made by Lensbaby: the muse, the scout, the composer, and the composer pro. I’ve always been fascinated with them in a kitsch sort of way; It’s not a practical or staple lens for any photographer. It’s for exploring, for something different without having to do a lot of planning or post processing. The Lensbaby is one of those 50/50 items -you either love it or hate it. When my manager asked me to teach the workshop, I realized I needed to play around with some of the newer accessories a bit and thus Friday night found me on Dickson Street in Fayetteville wandering around with a Composer Pro and a plastic bag of their creative filters to drop on top of the aperture ring. (If you are still confused about the Lensbaby set up, check this review out)

I’m terrible at nature and architecture photography but I went for it anyway. When I go out to shoot I’m always shooting social documentary sort of things. Always people related. It’s interesting and almost refreshing to shoot things that you know you’re uncomfortable with.  It’s also confusing that my camera is entirely dependent on me and not someone in front of the camera. No waiting for the perfect moment. No need to take eight images of the same thing. It’s pretty peaceful, actually. I believe that could just be the ignorance inducing the bliss. Either way, I enjoyed a chilly Friday evening with the Composer Pro dodging drunk photo bombers, listening to a terrible blues/punk rock singer sing about “looking at her face” in four of his songs, and a crisp stella. Here’s just a few from the other night:

Any one here have a Lensbaby or have played around with one?

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