Month: March 2012

Expert on Secrecy

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Mystery is supposedly one of the most alluring things humans can hold over one another. The idea that one has an upper hand in a situation because it is unknown. Mystery is coveted because it begins a journey, a search, a chase even, to understanding. In novels and film, we love a good mystery because we’re guessing against ourselves -enjoying the thrill of surprise. In relationships with people we interact with daily, mystery can be […]

Kayleigh Take A Bow

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So it’s been a shamefully long time since I’ve updated. Yikes. In my defense, my life has been in what seems to be utter chaos in the last three weeks. Change is a-brewing up in here and I can’t say I like it at the moment but I’m hoping things will fall into place and leave a bit more time for this. Because I like this. Over the weekend I drove down to central Arkansas […]