Month: April 2012


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Photography / Thoughts

Over the last five years there hasn’t really been one place that has felt like it’s mine. I’ve lived in several different places, all with good times and not so good times. I’ve shared homes with eight other twenty-somethings, tiny gross dormitories with my best friend Sus, the old Holly House with five other girls from college, my parent’s house after they rearranged from my absence, and that one dorm with the conjoining bathroom that […]

Victor + Claire

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I had the opportunity to shoot Claire and Victor’s engagements last weekend in my college town, Siloam Springs and it was a blast. This shoot was hilarious. I’ve never cracked up so much. I’ve known Claire for several years and she has been one of my good friends through it all -15 page art history papers, hosting and waiting tables together, dance parties, thursday night catch ups, break ups, and girly chatter. I remember Claire telling […]