Victor + Claire

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I had the opportunity to shoot Claire and Victor’s engagements last weekend in my college town, Siloam Springs and it was a blast. This shoot was hilarious. I’ve never cracked up so much. I’ve known Claire for several years and she has been one of my good friends through it all -15 page art history papers, hosting and waiting tables together, dance parties, thursday night catch ups, break ups, and girly chatter. I remember Claire telling me about Victor and I swear it wasn’t but three months later she was on my couch admitting how crazy it sounded but she thought this might be the guy she wanted to marry. A few months later I was having trouble finding work right out of college and Claire got me a job working a restaurant with her and Victor (which was my first time to meet him) and man, the rest is history.  She couldn’t be marrying a better guy.  They are some of the most fun, good hearted people I know and could not be happier that they are getting married in September.

Here are a few from our Sunday afternoon.

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