Office Glamour!

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My travel schedule has finally started the downhill slide that I confess that I look forward to. As much as I love to get out of my routine and meet new people and eat Panda Express, most days I’m content to be in my house and more importantly, abide in my stretchy pants after 5:00 PM. It’s been an absolutely fantastic and busy summer and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Summer Missions, Super Summer, The STL Project, Campus Missionary Training, and The Denver Project. I am cleaning up odds and ends to-do lists that I left in a hurry before flying out to Denver last week and got around to editing head shots for coworkers. Joe and Scott are notorious for making me laugh and these pictures totally prove it.




This last one of Scott is fantastic, mainly because it’s not too far from my actual work photo, used on all sorts of print and web material. I failed to notice I felt posed a bit mermaid-esque or that it felt reminiscent of the 90s mall glamour shots. NOOB. I still crack up every time I see it. Thought you guys would too. Call my agent for modeling gigs. 

ImageMy favorite caption of this glorious shot comes from the great @billyv_33: “I’m listening.”

Anyway, can’t believe I’ve been a Missouri resident a little over a year now -nuts! Time is flying by in all of the good ways. Hope your summers have been challenging, fun, mostly warm, with lots of friends and family. Summer, it’s been real. Fall, WHERE U AT??


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