Month: November 2013

People Are The Best Parts of Photography

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    Playing catch-up on edits tonight (or early morning -guh). Most of you guys know I kind of burned out almost a year and a half ago on my wedding and portrait work so it’s encouraging that I’m deciding to pick up more work, slowly since then. I wasn’t surely how burned I was until now, and I’m not beyond repair. A huge thanks to the few who listened and encouraged me when I […]

Why Seventh Grade is Ridiculous (and other things I’m learning)

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In a recent effort to expand my community borders in Jefferson City a little further, I applied to be a mentor to a high schooler. The director of the organization was hesitant to match me with one for ambiguous reasons but I’ve resigned myself to the ever growing, unspoken obvious, that I probably look like a high schooler. This has been a slow and painful realization, more acutely felt this year than in years past. […]