People Are The Best Parts of Photography

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Playing catch-up on edits tonight (or early morning -guh). Most of you guys know I kind of burned out almost a year and a half ago on my wedding and portrait work so it’s encouraging that I’m deciding to pick up more work, slowly since then. I wasn’t surely how burned I was until now, and I’m not beyond repair. A huge thanks to the few who listened and encouraged me when I was ready to stop all together, especially my friend and wildly talented photographer, Emily McArthur (eMPhotography) and my fake friend, Ira Glass. (Ira, I watch your speech on growing as an artist at least once a month and I wish we could be friends in real life, you’re adorable, I admire you and your work constantly, etc, etc.)

It’s always a blast to shoot in the fall season, and I tried to take as much advantage of it as possible. The first two images are one of my new friends here in Jeff City -Ginger and Maks, the lovebirds are my Razorback friend Brooke and her fantastic fiance and my new friend, John, and the last two are of the craziest, sweetest freshman Columbia has ever produced. Love that Maggie girl.

Happy Tuesday!


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