Month: January 2014

Watching August: Osage County

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Film and Television

Last weekend I went to a late night showing of John Well’s August: Osage County mainly in preparation for the Academy Awards. If you don’t click with my rationale there, just tell yourself it’s Bri’s Super Bowl party. Kind of the same thing. I wasn’t particularly drawn to the film outside of a deep admiration of Chris Cooper and Meryl Streep (Adaptation, anyone?). The trailers seemed predictable: dark comedy of family dysfunction under the matriarchal […]

Thomas Newman in My Bathroom

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This evening was at best, mundane. I ate leftovers while glancing over at the television airing Marc Forster’s take on James Bond’s Quantum of Solace. I read junk mail. I returned a few emails for work. I called my mother to tell her about my scab. I finished off the last of the orange sherbet. I became increasingly aware that Quantum of Solace was probably the launching pad of Forster getting kicked off my ‘favorite directors’ […]