Month: January 2016

When God Doesn’t Feel Enough

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"I've had a lot of time to mull over the year as it has come and gone and I've come to grieve the wasted opportunities to lean in my disappointment and turn it back to joy. This is especially hard for me to realize, when looking back at my birthday, which was an unexpected highlight. The word often spoken over to me by my closest friends on that day was the word "joy". I wanted to own that word last year. I would like to think have been content to know I had become an utter delight inside and out regardless of circumstances. I was not. God bless my small community being pulled in and out of my wake."

A Whaley Good Holiday, Roberta!

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Two uninterrupted weeks with family was so great this year. I kept the camera around the house and it was put to good use. Enjoy Ashley and I SLAYING our golfing game. We’re the natural athletes of the family. We missed my sister Britt terribly but we were happy to Skype her in the festivities and hear about her first South African Christmas. Shoutout to the Barbs for the gift of the diy macarons! We […]