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Bessie has been a faithful member of my church since a few years before I moved to Jefferson City and has become one of my dearest friends here. We love Taylor Swift and babies and coloring and just hanging out. She’s one of those quiet, steady friends who I can enjoy silence with as well, which is a rare and beautiful thing. Her mom passed away pretty suddenly last month and is now starting a new chapter in life away from Jefferson City. She moves on Sunday. We grabbed our last meal together last night and I cried all the way home -good tears though. It’s a joy to know and love someone so well -it’s worth the tears. It’s hard to describe how much her friendship has meant to me and our church over the years but we tried to celebrate the best we knew how: lots of cookie cake and balloons. I wanted to make her something special to remember us by, so Bess, if you read this: my face is not in this but my heart sure is. I hope every time you watch this you are reminded how special you are to all of us, but especially me. I’m praying that Jesus will bless and protect you, that you will trust him with your whole heart as it’s grieving your mom and is anxious about making new friends. He will be with you every step of the way.

We are blessed to know you and can’t wait to hear all your news from Cape!


  1. Bri, this is so beautiful. I don’t know Bessie, but I love how much y’all love her, and I love the way you use your creative talents to bless others!

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