Bri Goes to the UK and South Africa!

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Don’t ask how I waded through two weeks of vacation footage of Cambridge, London, Pretoria, Soweto, Johannesburg, and Kruger together in a weekend. It was ugly. I only expect Ashley, Britt, Celeste and Jan Suitt to watch this in its entirety (Celeste, because she’s the harshest music critic) –for the rest of you, all the babies can be found at 12:26. Safari starts at 15:15. You’re welcome.

SO blessed to be able to take this vacation! Thankful for the Lord for providing the means, sisters who I want to visit, my sisters’ respective churches and friends for being so hospitable, thank you to lions for making me poop my pants, and to anyone who has nothing better to do than watch this. You need to get a life.

xx, Bri


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  1. Well, looks like my children and I have gotten our whole lives by watching this video! Lol. Looks like you had a great time, so glad you were able to go. Thanks for sharing.

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