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Watching August: Osage County

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Last weekend I went to a late night showing of John Well’s August: Osage County mainly in preparation for the Academy Awards. If you don’t click with my rationale there, just tell yourself it’s Bri’s Super Bowl party. Kind of the same thing. I wasn’t particularly drawn to the film outside of a deep admiration of Chris Cooper and Meryl Streep (Adaptation, anyone?). The trailers seemed predictable: dark comedy of family dysfunction under the matriarchal […]

Film List 2011

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Almost every year my friend Levi and I swap our films year in reviews -usually that year’s top picks as well as older films that slipped past our radars that we saw for the first time that year. No explanations, just a list, plain and simple. I love making lists and I love film, so of course this is a high light of my year, but this is the first year I’m going public with […]

Why You Should Give The Tree of Life a Chance

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I, like any other, love a trashy movie. And by trashy, I just mean godawful. Contrived. Filled with beautiful people and dramatic one-liners. Though there are very few who would even question this about myself, let me lay aside any doubt for all by unveiling my¬† love for Gossip Girl. I’m not even really sure why, other than to observe a world I will never interact with and the off chance Ed Westwick will turn […]