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A Whaley Good Holiday, Roberta!

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Two uninterrupted weeks with family was so great this year. I kept the camera around the house and it was put to good use. Enjoy Ashley and I SLAYING our golfing game. We’re the natural athletes of the family. We missed my sister Britt terribly but we were happy to Skype her in the festivities and hear about her first South African Christmas. Shoutout to the Barbs for the gift of the diy macarons! We […]

Video: Ella + Avery

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While I was working in St. Louis a little over a week ago, I was formatting old SD cards and came across a day pretty close to a year ago where I took one of my best friend’s girls to the park. The footage totally shocked me at how much the girls have grown and of course, I wanted to keep the memory of that day alive and thus, Ella + Avery Go To The […]

People Are The Best Parts of Photography

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    Playing catch-up on edits tonight (or early morning -guh). Most of you guys know I kind of burned out almost a year and a half ago on my wedding and portrait work so it’s encouraging that I’m deciding to pick up more work, slowly since then. I wasn’t surely how burned I was until now, and I’m not beyond repair. A huge thanks to the few who listened and encouraged me when I […]